We are the people we have been waiting for

To coincide with RCA Green Week Know Your Home, and to celebrate the work of the students and alumni who have shared their work at the SustainLab Pecha Kucha series over the last year, SustainLab has installed a poster exhibtion in the entrance gallery at the RCA Kensington Campus.

The exhibtion titled, ‘We are the people we have been waiting for‘, takes its name from the wise words of a Navajo Medicine Man. It resonates with the proactive approach many students at the college are demonstrating through their work, and reflects both the opportunity and responsibility we have as artists and designers to address the interconnected challenges of our generation. The exhibtion is a positive, yet serious call to action for students, staff and senior management at RCA.

The exhibtion is made entirely from laser-etched waste MDF panels from the RCA Service Design WIP show, with posters printed and 100% recycled paper. It’s an example of how creative vision and sustainability can in fact be mutally inclusive, despite current mainstream design practice where sustainability is too often an optional consideration, an after-thought, or worse still greenwashing.

Read FashionNerd’s review of the exhibtion.

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